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5.18.21 | Snowy Mountainscape

5.18.21 | Snowy Mountainscape


Black Tusk Whistler, BC Canada

Original gouache painting
Size: 5 inch x 4.5 inch

Permanence A series gouache paint
300g/m cold pressed FSC paper


To purchase please dm | Instagram

  • Snowy Mountainscape | Original Paintings

    With the hectic pace of Hong Kong, I dream of the winter seasons in Whistler, where there are ethereal views of glittering white mountains. Snowboarding down the slope, my senses pick up the crisp evergreen scent of pine, with the enveloping warmth of the sun’s rays contrasting the gushes of icy winds. Through my painting, you are invited to escape from city life to the beauty of mountainscape.


    Black Tusk

    If you notice there is always a pointy peak in a lot of my snowy mountainscape paintings. The black peak is called “Black Tusk” which is located in BC, Canada, amongst the Garibaldi Ranges of the Coast Mountains. It can be seen from Whistler, sea to sky highway and from its surrounded areas with its distinctive form. The black tusk is formed approx.1.3- 1.1 million years ago. The formation of the black tusk is formed from the lava cooling within a volcano. As the volcano eroded leaving only the hard lava core.


    Prices are in Canadian dollars.
    All paintings are for sale on my Instagram

    Please direct message me if interested.
    You can contact me through Instagram or through the contact tab on this webpage.


    - All copyrights and reproduction rights are retained by the artist.
    - Please keep painting out of any forms of moisture.
    - size varies as it is hand-cut- might be a quarter-inch off
    -Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting
    - All orders are shipped from Hong Kong. Free shipping for HK local orders. 
    - International orders- Additional standard shipping to be calculated for. 

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