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Design a book with me in one day

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This book is a record of my thoughts for the past years.

It also explains why I paint what I paint.

All designed and handcrafted by Karen HY Fong


©2021 KarenHYFong all rights reserved

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The first original copy of the book was designed, printed and handcrafted, cut, glue, trim, stitch and bind all in one day. 
by Karen HY Fong

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This book was made for me to record my experiences and thoughts for the past few years.
I didn't plan to have it go public. 

However, a few friends showed interest in ordering one.
I guess I can make a few more limited editions
max ten books 

If you are interested in ordering one please let me know asap. 
Please DM me on IG

Spec: 6.25" x 6.25"

Hard Cover Matt finished paper

Coptic Stitch

First published 2021
Copyright ©2021 by Karen HY Fong
Cover images design by Karen HY Fong

Cover copyright ©2021 by Karen HY Fong

All artworks by Karen HY Fong

Book Printed & Handcrafted locally In Hong Kong

Handcraft stitch bound by Karen HY Fong

Published by KFong Design


©2021 KarenHYFong all rights reserved

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